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  • That Space Between Your Front Teeth May be Caused by Overgrown Muscle
    The various structures in your mouth — your teeth and gums, of course, as well as periodontal tissues that hold teeth in place within the jaw — all function together Read more
  • Chronic Dry Mouth Could be Increasing Your Risk of Dental Disease
    Perhaps you haven’t thought of it quite this way, but saliva is one of the true wonders of the human body. This unassuming fluid performs a variety of tasks to Read more
  • Improve Your Smile With Veneers
    Issues like missing teeth, tooth decay, or severe bite and alignment problems require more extensive dental work and time to fix. But for many people, it is the smaller issues, Read more
  • Close the Gaps In Your Smile
    How dental implants from your dentists in Smithtown, New York can improve your smile. Are you missing a few teeth? Do you want your full smile back? Now you can close Read more
  • Signs You May Need a Root Canal
    Though many people have a false notion that a root canal is a painful or long procedure, it is actually a powerful and important dental treatment which can save your Read more
  • One Dentist for Your Whole Family
    Are you searching for a family dentist in Smithtown, NY? Search no more. Find three wonderful oral health care providers at Hoffer Dental Care. Dr. Harry Hoffer, Dr. Andrew Hoffer and Dr. Read more
  • About Dental Contouring and Reshaping
    Find out how these simple dental procedures could improve the shape of a tooth. Have chips and cracks in your smile left something to be desired? Do you suffer from minor Read more
  • The Benefits of Veneers
    What does your smile say about you? The way your teeth look can make or break your first impression, especially when it comes to important interactions like job interviews. If Read more
  • The Long-Term Complications of Tooth Loss
    Are you wondering how tooth loss actually impacts your oral health for the long run? While losing a permanent tooth can be traumatic all by itself, if you try and ignore Read more
  • Make That Smile Shine!
    How cosmetic dentistry from your Smithtown dentists can enhance your smile Do you have a dull, uninteresting smile? Is your smile showing signs of your age? Are your teeth covered with Read more
  • What Crowns And Bridges Can Do For Your Smile
    Are you wondering whether these dental restorations could improve the health of your teeth? According to Forbes, about 30 percent of us smile more than 20 times a day, with 14 Read more
  • Give Yourself A Smile You Love
    Maintaining strong, healthy teeth and gums is the first priority of a good dental care plan and oral hygiene routine. But the cosmetic appearance of our teeth undoubtedly plays a role in personal Read more
  • Show Off A Whole New Smile
    If you feel as though your smile has lost its charm or that its chips or discolorations are weighing it down, you could benefit from renewing your smile with dental Read more
  • Do More Than Just Close the Gap In Your Smile
    If you are considering dental implants, you should consider making an appointment with Harry Hoffer, DDS, at Hoffer Dental Care in Smithtown, NY. Dental implants will do more than just close Read more
  • Welcome to our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Hoffer Dental Care! Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dentist in the Smithtown, NY area, we're excited you are here. With the Read more

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